MicroAir Mesh Nebulizer NE-U100


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Effective respiratory relief that is always at hand. The silent feature makes it an ideal device for administering medication anytime, anywhere. Pocket-sized, the nebulizer works at any angle, even when lying dowwn

Product Features

  • Mesh Technology uniquely developed by OMRON utilize alloy mesh and titanium vibrator to achieve superior nebulization efficiency
  • Efficient Nebulization Rate of 0.25ml/min
  • Small Particle Size of MMAD 5m for effective nebulization
  • Easy to Clean and Disinfect. Medication bottle assembly (including mesh and transducer) can be removed and opened for cleaning.
  • Supplied with Adult & Child Mask
  • Nebulization at Any Angle even when tilted or lying down.
  • Virtually Noiseless thanks to its mesh technology
  • Battery Operated. Running up to 4 hours on just two AA batteries.
  • Pocket-sized. Lightweight & portable to take along anywhere.


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