Electronic Nerve Stimulator (HEAT + TENS) HV-F311


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Engage TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology, drug-free treatment clinically proven to help to:

- Block the pain message
- Trigger the release of endorphins (=natural pain killers)
- Improve blood circulation (as result of repeated muscle contraction and muscle relaxation)

Compact Design
One hand, simple operation. Comfortably fits in one hand, enabling therapy on the go.

Customized Therapy

6 Body Area Modes:
Arm, Lower Back, Leg, Foot, Joint (Knee, Elbow), Shoulder

3 Massage Modes:
Choose your preferred mode for a relaxing massage.Tap, Knead, and Rub

20 Intensity Levels:
Choose your suitable amount of relief with up to 20 levels

Dual Therapy
Integrate soothing heat and TENS technology. You have the flexibility to utilize it in both heat and TENS modes or select TENS alone, offering a range of versatile pain relief choices.

The Heat setting offers two temperature options: Heat Low at around 42°C & Heat High at approximately 43°C, though the perceived temperature can vary based on factors like skin condition, age, and the specific pain location.

Rechargeable Battery
The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to 4 ½ hours. This feature spares you from the inconvenience and cost of frequently buying and replacing disposable batteries.

Under typical conditions at 23°C, the battery can endure approximately 500 complete charge cycles before needing replacement. When it's time to dispose of the device, kindly adhere to the local guidelines regarding environmentally responsible disposal of both the battery and the device. If required, follow the instructions outlined in the Disposal Manual for proper disassembly procedures.

Optional Accessories

Gels (HV-PAD-3AP)
Gels (HV-PAD-3AP)

Adhesive gels designed for immediate heat therapy can be applied up to 30 times on the HV-F311's Pads.

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