Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6232T


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HEM-6232T allows syncing of blood pressure data to the OMRON connect app through Bluetooth connectivity. Compact in size with ultra quiet operation, it makes heart health monitoring easy and convenient, anytime, anywhere.

Product Features

Cuff Wrapping Guide
Flexible Cuff
Body Movement Detection
Irregular Heartbeat Detection
Morning Average Indicator
Average for last 2-3 readings within 10 minutes
Hypertension Indicator
Morning Hypertension Indicator
IntelliSense Technology
Bluetooth® Connectivity
Measurement Positioning Indicator
Ultra Quiet Inflation
2 Users
Stores 100 Measurements in Memory with date and time

What's in the package

Monitor (Measurable wrist circumference 13.5 to 21.5 cm), storage case, battery set

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