Compressor Nebulizer NE-C803


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Its compact size enables efficient nebulization on the go. Its quiet compressor further enhances the stress-free relief of asthma, COPD, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.

Product Features

Efficient Nebulization Rate of 0.3ml/min
Small Particle Size of MMAD 3m to reach lower airway for effective nebulization
Lightweight for Easy Handling. Approx. 180g
10ml Medication CapacityWith minimal residual medication
Low Noise Level ‹ 45dB. Quiet operation brings comfort to nebulization therapy for children.
Aerosol Output 0.37ml
Aerosol Output Rate 0.05ml/min

What's in the package

Compressor, Nebulizer Kit, Air Tube (PVC, 100cm),
5 pcs Spare Air Filters, Mouthpiece, Adult Mask (PVC), Child
Mask (PVC), AC adapter, Storage Bag,
Instruction Manual

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