General FAQ

Is there a minimum age requirement to make online purchase from this site?

The minimum age to make a purchase on this site is 21 years old and above.

Do I have to register for an account to purchase online?

Yes, this one-time free registration is to set-up an account to facilitate your online shopping. The next time when you want to make an online purchase, you can simply log in with your username and password. Furthermore, we will store your order in the account so that you can keep track of your order status and order history.

How do you use my personal information?

In order to make the shopping experience a fruitful one, we will keep you updated on products, events and promotions. Please refer to Privacy Policy for complete information on usage of your personal information.

Is it secure to make online purchase at this site?

This site is secured with Extended Validation SSL certificates from Veri Sign to ensure security of your data and transactions.

Can I share the account username and password with my friend?

We strongly advise that you keep your username and password confidential. If your friend is interested to purchase from this site, we encourage him to sign up for an account at

What should I do if I discover my account has been used without my permission?

Please notify us  (Mondays – Fridays, 9am to 5pm, except public holidays) or email. We will terminate the account for you to prevent any unauthorized transaction.

Is there a minimum order purchase value for this site?

There is no minimum order required for this site.If your order is above $60, you will enjoy free delivery for any of your order. 

How do I know if I have submitted my order successfully and when will it be confirmed?

Once you submit your order successfully, you will receive a thank you message. Concurrently, we will send a confirmation email with a summary of your order to your registered email address. Please inform us via email to (Mondays – Fridays, 9am to 5pm, except public holidays) if you did not receive the order confirmation email.

If we are unable to fulfill your order due to unforeseen circumstances, we will notify you via phone within 2 working days.

What should I do if I have problem placing an order via this site?

You can call us at  (Mondays – Fridays, 9am to 5pm, except public holidays) for assistance if you encounter any problem.

How can I check my order status and records?

You can check your order status, purchased items and order history by logging into My Account with your username and password. You can also check your delivery status of your order by clicking onto the "Detracker" button at the top of every page. Simply key in your order number and it would provide you with a real-time status update of your parcel. 

Can I cancel my order even though the delivery has not been made?

Yes, you may cancel your order anytime as long as the order is "Confirmed" and "In-Fulfilment". Once the order status has been changed to "Shipment" or "Delivered", cancellation of order is not allowed. 

Can I cancel my order after I have received my order?

Once you have received your order, you will be asked to check and confirm the products which you have ordered. Unfortunately, at this point in time, we are unable to accept returned orders unless you have received defective goods. In which case, you would need to immediately request for return within 7 days of receipt by sending us as email as As such, please be reminded to check through your parcel carefully once received. You could also go down to our service station and they would check your product and assist you.